Brandi Amara Skyy


Brandi Amara Skyy is an artist who seeks to transform traditional notions of drag, gender, and performance through her two favorite mediums: dance and writing. She is the founder of –an online resource and meeting place for faux queens and other female drag performers from all over the world to share their stories, connect, and advertise their upcoming shows.

As a performer, Brandi toured with the Bob Marley Festival in the late 90’s,  taught belly dance workshops all over the U.S., and currently co-directs Dallas’ premiere LGBTQ performance group, SOMETHING FABULOUS!!!. Brandi has choreographed, performed, and competed in many drag pageants, shows, and charity events thus becoming a staple in the Dallas drag community. She is the reigning Miss Oklahoma Diva USofA and in 2011 was named one of Dallas’ Ultimate Diva’s.

She teaches performance and drag make-up artistry, belly dance, drag performance and choreography, and female drag queen classes.

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