Academy Guidelines

Our mission is to guarantee safe space for everyone. With that in mind, we ask that you honor the following when participating in the Academy:

  1. We love positive energy and constructive feedback. No negative energy!
  2. The Academy is a radically inclusive space. All expressions of identity must be respected.
  3. The Academy of Queerlesque is a drama-free zone, no exceptions. Leave your baggage at the door!
  4. All workshop attendees must be prepared to participate in the class – no spectators allowed. Non-participating guests will be asked to leave the room.
  5. Participation in classes or working with an Academy mentor does not guarantee casting in shows. However, the Academy strives to give everyone their moment to shine. If you truly want to be on stage, we’ll do everything we can to help you.
  6. Classes start promptly, so please arrive a few minutes early to get prepared. If you’re meeting a mentor, please be respectful of their time.
  7. Please maintain an accurate RSVP status on the Facebook event page of the class you’re attending so we know how many handouts and supplies to bring. (If you don’t use FB, just drop us a note and tell us you’re coming.)
  8. Class and Mentor fees are currently donation-based.  For groups or classes, we suggest $5-$10 per person. For individual mentorship, we suggest $15-$20 per hour, plus gas, given directly to the mentor.  These are suggested donations because we want to make sure our program is accessible to everyone. If you can afford it, please donate, and if you genuinely can’t afford it, let us know and we’ll do our best to work with you.
  9. Please express appreciation to instructors and mentors who work hard and are gracious enough to share their knowledge and time.
  10. Your comments, feedback and suggestions are vital to the success of the Academy. Please give it – and often!