Queerlesque 101

The basics, and beyond. Here you’ll explore burlesque, with a twist of QueerWe’ll start with a brief history of burlesque, then dive deeper into the world of boylesque and queerlesque. Then we’ll break down some of the basic elements of burlesque performance, including: staging, costuming, character development, and music selection. The workshop ends with a collaborative brainstorming session where we’ll share our ideas to generate creative feedback within the group. Ultimately, you’ll walk away with the tools and ideas you’ll need to create your very own persona, act, and routine.

(For anyone feeling shy or unsure, fret not: this is the perfect class for you. From overcoming pre-performance jitters to connecting with a deeper inner confidence, we’ll tackle anxiety head-on and in a safe, supportive environment.)

All varieties of gender, orientation, and bodies are not only welcome but celebrated. We love you the way you are – and your audience will, too!

Instructor: Lillith Grey

All genders and orientations welcome.

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