Emcee with Ease

Learn the art of keeping an audience entranced and engaged while adding a little sparkle to performers’ spotlights.

Emcee with Ease: A hosting workshop presented by Miss Violet O’Hara

Learn the art of capturing the attention of any audience from one of Dallas’ premiere emcees, Miss Violet O’Hara! In the past three years, Violet has worked with over 25 producers and served as the emcee at approximately 80 events. She’s gained a wealth of knowledge and is excited to share her best practices, advice and stories with you!

During this workshop, Miss O’Hara will guide you through the basics of event hosting including: the development of your stage persona and hosting style, pre show preparation, organization of material, how to work with fellow performers and producers effectively, comedic timing, costuming and props as well as tips for handling pesky hecklers.

All levels welcome. No previous hosting experience required.
Bring an open mind, pen and paper.

Instructor: Miss Violet O’Hara

All genders and orientations welcome.